Tuesday, 26 November 2013


What, it's over?  I really don't get this now, I missed the BBC advertising the advent of a new Mitchell & Webb creation, and then I slowly warmed to the series, not least because the funny bits were few and far between, but then as the guest turns appeared, the characters started to flesh out and the story started to unfold... puft its over.... 3 episodes?

Hmmm.... Not happy....

It tipped its hat to so many other BBC comedies, with the plot, the girls in underwear, the secret listening crew, to mention just a few.  I feel this needed a rounding of six episodes to solidly launch it.  I know other comedies used to get 30 minutes x 6, and this got 60 minutes x 3, so it received parity, but its political satire for it to expose the nerve and then tickle it into laughter took longer.

So I feel as though once established the series just went missing, indeed I spent a good while searching iPlayer and TV On Demand services looking for the episode this week which I assumed I missed... Only the Wikipedia entry set me straight as to their only being 3 episodes.

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