Friday, 18 October 2013

My Wife the Diva Driver

Never would one hear this sort of comment in the news, nor in general really, but my wife is an excellent driver.

I don't mean she doesn't have me going for an imaginary brake, or cringing when she's whipping through gaps too small and you hear a layer of plastic atoms sizzle off the wing mirrors.

But she has today (Monday actually) achieved a feat of driving I could not, and I have to doff my cap to her.

Our small car, the 206, had lots of work on it the other week and all good, but I said at the time - something don't feel right - with the car... Turns out I was right, the transmission/gearbox area has given up the ghost, unable to get the car into gear or get it moving I was forced to abandon my first run to work, and wait for her to come tow me, in the end I was driving the tower and she took the 206 helm... She was deathly scared of running into me so used her brakes a lot, I could feel it... Unfortunately at an island she kept her brakes on as I went to pull off... the net result... the tow torpe safety hitch I'd put in snapped...

But she slammed the car into gear, by sheer force of will, and she godmatically made it drive out of that dangerous location... she drove it and drove it and the thing got home!

I could not move it, I could not get it into gear... and she drove it in third for like four miles to get it home.

I was impressed.... Meanwhile, lets see if I can get hold of my mechanic and get it under repair.

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