Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Banksy Mate Be Altruistic

With the day I've had I could really do with a break, suffice to say its a costly day, and I've love a shining light to pop my way...

For instance, I could do with winning the lottery...

Or I'd happily swap Mr Banksy £38 a few times - maybe five would be good - for some pictures... I'd even let him pop all reclusive like into the back yard and do them whilst I put the kettle on and he tried to avoid spraying the dogs maybe.

I just need a break, a chance to see my head above water.

This isn't a misery of povery thing, I'm not poor in the classical sense, I just don't ever seem to get a break at the moment, not one good thing has really happened to spark a smile in so long.

Hey ho... Wish I was in New York I'd have had the pneumatic drill equipped rat... and for irony sake the sign saying "$60", who else could say they got $60 off of Banksy?

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