Friday, 13 September 2013


You know those times when you have to stand back and think why?  Well, I've got one of those going off with the whole world today...

The car park here at the office, is subject to the whole Nottingham City parking tarrif, so we have to pay to park at work, and if there are stray cars in there the company gets fined, so the public are not welcome.  This is a problem as we're basically right across the street from a public municipal building which has sadly lacking parking arrangements at the moment.  So we're getting all the waifs and strays in our car park.  This morning there was one chap blocking the road, and he was adament I wanted to go into a completely other car park than the one he was blocking... "No I want to go in that one, thank you"... The stream of expletives this fuck-tard threw at me, because he had to move.  Why?

Our next door neighbour is having new windows put in... She never opens the windows, never opens the curtains, never cleans the house, never uses the windows... so why replace them?... Why?

We're selling our house, we've had several offers all for far too little... one lass sent the message "We've watched all the property programmes, we know to make a cheeky offer"... "Cheeky yes, but 15% off the asking price... WHY?"

WHY WHY WHY... that's all I've been asking myself today... and I have a feeling its going to continue.

Addendum... It continued... Why?

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