Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Real Life People of Walmart

I've you're a frequent visitor to YouTube you may have noticed the Zeitgeist about "People of Walmart" a few years back... Jessica Frech in all her dressing up madness... Can be seen here.

Anyway, here in the UK Walmart is actually the brand... "ASDA", and the wife and I have just been to Asda... Oh holy Christ... We saw everything...

When I say everything, I mean everything, there was one lass with so little covering her breasts - which here huge - she could have been in Heat magazine - I mean real topless in appropriate for the super market, and she was loving all the guys gawping too.  Her fella with her was the beefiest bloke ever, with a look of "You even look at my ladies titties and I be unscrewing your head to shit down your neck"... but it made no difference, her tits were huge and on display.

Next, there was a lass, now we only followed her up one isle, but even the wife said to me, "What she's wearing is indecent"... it literally was not even a pair of pants starting below her crotch, you could see her entire anatomy through the sheen fabric, and then just bare legs immediately... Now I'm no prude, and in a porn film this would have been fine, but this girl... was 14 tops... it was indecent, and embarrassing... her mother was wearing much the same, but her short shorts were topped with a muffin roll of middle age fat, which offset the camel toe show, but even so.

And then finally, there's a guy walking along with his lass, she must have been two decades younger, I assumed he was father to her being daughter... that was until he said she could buy a bottle of liquor for the evening and she flung her arms around him and gave him a big tonsil tickle of a kiss... It was like... OH MY GOD.

In appropriate dress, in appropriate age and in appropriate activity all in the space of one store within ten minutes.

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