Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Windows Reinstall Time

My main PC at home has been a bit of a patched up pig of a machine for a while, it is a very old install of Vista Ultimate 64bit, it had the broken power supply for like seven months and only recently was fixed and brought back into use.  Its a fabulously specced machine, but I'm getting lots of little niggly problems with it.

Not least is a horrible stammering network lag.  Streaming video, playing games, anything with persistent network usage results in horrible lag.  At first I had thought it was just the wireless, but that signal is stable, and the other machines in the house is rock solid streaming.

So it comes down to Windows Reinstall time, now, luckily I do now have a spare Windows 7 64bit Professional license to use and so can install Windows 7 in place of vista, for gaming.

This leaves me with the decision of which base linux distro to go with?... I was thinking maybe its time to go for a highly tuned Arch, but really I want a pretty generic and stable release which I can pick up and run with coding C++ and OpenGL for a project I have coming up.  And Arch, as configurable and customisable as it is, is not a platform which is "off the shelf", far from it...

I'll have to think on about this, Mint might be the solution, certainly Ubuntu is no longer in my favour.

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