Monday, 26 August 2013

T34 - Another WOT Disappointment

And the T34, appears to be an utter waste of time... The highest Penetrating gun on it, doesn't seem to Pen, its highest view range turret doesn't seem to spot, the engine is lack lustre, the armour is acceptable if angled so long as you're not facing tier VI, but you're always being faced off with tanks higher than you, or with more fire power than you (Hellcat anyone?)

I know World of Tanks is not a simulator, its not historical either, but this is so off whack, its worse than the last let down - the Tiger - which basically stopped me wanting to play...

I dunno how anyone makes the T34 pay, I dunno how anyone ever got it to Pen like they did against me previously, basically, its rubbish.

And whilst in it, I feel like Oscar the grouch with the lid down...

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