Friday, 30 August 2013

My Man Lab

So, we're currently midway through the legals of exchange buying a second house, we're moving into this second one and looking at selling or renting out our current one - if anyone is interested in a perfect 2 bedroom mid-terrace great price for a first time buyer drop me a line I'll point you to our listing...

But the new house has a 17'11" x 6'11" out building, which is going to become my lair, and these are my plans for it...

1. Add a lip at the door end to stop water flowing in from the drive way
2. Ensure Damp proofing*
3. Fill & seal the roof gaps
4. Clean up the two windows
5. Line the inside with polythene*
6. Wall frame with 1/2" frame
7. Run power and network leads around frame.
8. Add insulation to frame
9. Clad with ply over the frame
10. Lay laminate floor**
11. Secure the doorway
12. Add spot lights & main floodlight strip

In the long run I'd also want to remove the old garage/wooden doors and add a PVC French Door.

I can't wait, I'll have to keep you posted with my ideas and progress pictures...

* Damp proofing and lining is all about our being backed against a Canal, so there's lots of water sloshing around.

** As an interim measure we're going to be laying a laminate floor in the house, so the man lab will get the carpet from the house moved into it as a stop gap measure.

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