Sunday, 25 August 2013

World of Tanks - Grinding to the T34

I've reinstalled the machine with Windows 7, and sure enough all the networking problems I was having have gone away, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how spritley the machine now is.

Vista must have been really really in efficient, for example, running World of Tanks, I would run her only in medium to low settings to get 20 fps...

With no changes of hardware, just an update to Windows 7, and I'm now in 1680x1440 resolution, high settings for everything and I get 50-55fps.

Its so pretty....

That was the main victory of the evening, which I spent enjoying with lots of rounds of World of Tanks.

My first discovery was something I had spotted before, but I think will take the next patch to explain, you see you now get missions in the game.  Or at least the rewards for the mission, but you don't have any way of knowing what the missions you have are.  They maybe listed somewhere, but no-where I've spotted in game.

In patch 8.8 however, which is coming soon, WarGaming are adding a way to spot what the missions are.

The night however, as enjoyable as it was, did result in a spectacular number of Defeats for me, despite my best efforts.

Sometimes I was simply out played, sometimes I was clearly stuck into odd matches, and I was spending a lot of games in my T-80 Light tank - an odd machine, grinding the XP for my T34.

But my efforts were not helped with derps like this

Or grease balls like this, whom I spotted on numerous occasions sat in strange locations usually at the back of the pack waiting to pick off enemy targets which the rest of the team - whom are lower tier - have softened up for them... Basically reaper creepers, that's the term I'm going to invent for them.

I did get my T34 before ceasing playing for the evening, and I even unlocked the high-pen gun, but I'm not happy with the vehicle, its match making is pretty terrible.

And I'm also stuck with the news that my favourite tank - with my most trained crew - the VK30.01H is about to be turned from a tier 6 medium into a tier 5 heavy?  Go figure, Jingles has made comment about this, but... Argh, I just want to smack WarGaming.

It might be time for a break and return to war thunder, in which I have also been playing recently, and made a level with my Japanese aircraft.

Also still enjoying Elite Frontier...


  1. What's that Elite there? Looks like a modern remake. Care to post a link?

    1. Hi Ed, that Elite is "FrontierGL", its a rather clever reverse engineer of the core code which has then been ported to OpenGL...