Sunday, 7 July 2013

Email Etiquette

I have an annoyance to run past you all, if you receive an e-mail from someone, lets say... "Robert", and they sign their name "Robert", do you then do and reply "Hey Rob", "Hi Bob", "Yo Robbie"...?

No, any sane person replies Robert, they put Robert you reciprocate.

So why is it so hard when I write my name...

"Bla bla, whatever whatever... Xel"...

And then I get a reply..

"Morning Zel"...

Its the height of bad manners, there's a whole raft of names who get this... Joanne and Joanna.  Robert.  Christopher.  Jonathan.  Elizabeth.  Hundreds of names, and hundreds of mails and you still get this bullshit of people being lazy.

I find it insulting, they've clearly not read your mail, or they've pictured you I one mode and you're someone else.  I'm sure if a psychologist has ever, or does ever, notice this and study it they'll come up with some dominance thing, the reply is trying to domineer who you are to dictate or homogenise you.

I went to college with a guy called Jon, his name was "Jon" not Jonathan, not John, Jon... Jay Oh Enn... Jon... And I remember even asking him whether it was short for Jonathan, or spelt different, I think at age sixteen I blurted out "That's a bit odd".  Which is doubly weird of me as my actual name is Jonathan and I prefer "Jon", and forever get "John" or "Johnathan" or "Jonathon".

It annoys me, If I reply "Jon" then you recipricate, if I stick with Jonathan, you stick with Jonathan... If William sends William you send William, not Willy, or Bill, or Billy!

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