Saturday, 29 June 2013

Comments or Spam

I have a huge apology to make to some of you folks out there - I've just been looking at the settings for this site and I've noticed there are two areas for comments... "Published" and "Spam", you may have spotted that I remove ones which appears to be adverts from time to time, but I'd never been in the Spam one.

I've just been in there... There were like 200 comments from all over the world, mainly people saying thanks for some random piece of information I've spewed out over the years, a couple of college kids asking for permission to use code snippets I've thrown up, and citing references to my site back to their work.

And even just people who  have read though my rants and had a laugh and so have said so.

But Google has been sweeping these folks off as Spam, you are not spam folks, I've restored ALL the comments in there - rather than reading them all - so anything dodgy, defamatory, nice or horrid has been restored to this site.

If I spot adverts I'll re-remove them, but with the threat of missing comments from folks, I've restored the lot to working order - some dated back to 2011 - some 2012 and some very recent.

So Sorry folks, it was automatic rejection of your posts, not me myself doing it.

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