Friday, 28 June 2013

Bjarne Linked to Here...

I'm stunned, and a little honoured, that my tiny - and not very good - review of the latest C++ from Bjarne Stroustrup actually caught his attention and he linked my review on his site... I'm truly shattered I got noticed.... I wish I'd done a proper review now.

I have continued to read the book, its such a delight to behold too.  My preferred approach is to go down the references at the end, pick one of two items - sometimes at random - and then look them up.

A good one last night, which had me all excited was "to<int>", I spotted this nugget and was excited to potentially see a way to tidy my recurring use of boost::lexical_cast<int> (et al), reducing the function to something like "std::to<int>(std::string)" I was rushing page after page to get forward into the book and find the reference... Doh.

Its not a new entry in std::algorithms or anything, it was a function Dr Stroustrup had written further into the book.

So, I'm going to keep using "boost::lexical_cast" for the foreseeable future.

Yo Dr Stroustup, if you come past my blog again - I'm honoured you visited, thank you.

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