Sunday, 2 June 2013

Birthday Begins

This is a bit like Batman actually, which is why I've snuck that homage into the title, you see for years I've had either some things I want/need for my Birthday, and sometimes I've had jack shit I wanted nor needed... Cloths spring to mind, with a mid-summer Birthday I always used to get winter socks... WTF MAN!

Anyway, about five years ago I put my foot down with those around me, I asked politely, and not so politely when they didn't listen four years ago, to back off with the unwanted stuff, I asked people to stick to Amazon vouchers, cold hard cash or nothing.

My best mate responded with Amazon vouchers - and today a new DVD/RW drive for my PC - Thanks mate!  The wife has responded by listening intently to what I want, which basically entails her sidling up next to me and asking me to pick something off of my Amazon wish list - thanks honey!

And that's me happy...

My Birthday has effectively begun - its not for a few days - but since I've been working and will be working on the actual day I'm taking today as my Birthday - not least as I just fitted the new drive.

I think its the Birthday of my one and only follower too... Tomorrow I think... Happy Birthday Bram!

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