Wednesday, 29 May 2013

You know BS when...

You know you're in for a bullshit laden day when:

i) The website you're viewing only opens in IE.

ii) The guy you know is due to hand over his project - today - is off "ill".

iii) Your network NIC starts to fap instead of work.

iv) You're working through a coding project, with the distinct feeling you've already solved this same problem before - get the network NIC to work again and voila there's the same code written by you 5 years earlier.

v) The guy you were writing code for thinks it strange you could not remember the exact lines of code to solve his problems, despite there being five years between his first asking and his re-asking.

vi) A support worker is not returning you bug reports, but spelling corrections in variable names.

vii) Your DVD drive stops reading DVD's.

viii) Your DVD drive starts working - but the only media playing application you have is Windows Media player - and its in "Playlist" mode, denying all knowledge of how to access a DVD.

ix) You're reading a history of programming/computing with references to 1968, and the exact same shit is going wrong at your current company!

x) Its 24 minutes past midnight and you're writing this mediocre blog post.

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