Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Server is wonky...

I'm back at work, first day back from being so ill, and it is nice to see a computer and keyboard free and clear of clutter for me to get working with.  However, I've run into that ethereal problem... something one the network is not playing ball.

The something today is the main source control server, which whilst I was checking out started to kick me off... Midstream, three attempts later and frustration mounting I e-mail IT.  I've not talked to the general server bod, because last time I asked him about this exact problem - Monday before last - he fobbed me off with a load of Windows Server gibberish which didn't wash with my informed self.

But, being a good boy, and ex-IT minion I did the leg work for them I pinged the server, checked my connection, rebooted all virtual and physical machines and tried from another machine first.

Turns out the problems, all of them, are real, I can't connect to the main source control server, the main server bod was not aware of the problems and indeed I could not connect to the server.  The reason being, on the first day of the week IT let themselves install all the Microsoft hot-fixes and patches to the server... without letting anyone know.

And, this being a Microsoft server, of course it doesn't tell any of its users - *cough* customers! - what its doing, it just reboots with installs and that's the end of that.

So that was why I've sat with my thumb in the air waiting for something useful to happen for the past hour... IT policy, sometimes a ball-ache, sometimes a balls up.

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