Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Outlook mail is a joke

I've been sat waiting to try and read my mail for over 10 minutes, I can see the mails, see who they came from and their topics.  But can I read them?  Can I hell....

Whenever I click on a mail is just sits there, and if I try to change into any of my alias accounts linked into this one then they do nothing they just show me that damned annoying three white dots whizzing in from the left and out from the right at the top... and its doing nothing.

Surely the point of mail is to show me the fucking mail, but it seems not, not in Outlook world.  I in fact think it needs changing from Outlook to In fucking Look, cus the bastard thing can't do what I need it to do.

And what's worse is, I didn't choose this mail, they forced it on me, I chose MSN over a decade ago, and I then settled down to their enforced change into Hotmail, but at least MSN and Hotmail both worked, these Outlook servers are just rubbish.

I've tried lots of things to get this work, I've tried using Chrome, then used IE to pacify the system, then I've tried from work, from a mobile device, from home, from wired, from wireless, from Windows 7, from Vista, from XP, from Linux... None of it my end is wrong it all works, and all used to work with Hotmail, but this new server is for shits.

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