Friday, 10 May 2013

From Hotmail to Outlook

Oh and on a side note, I spot this about Hotmail migration to Outlook, believe it or not my main e-mail address is (or was) a Hotmail address.  Its actually an Microsoft Network (MSN) address - pre-dating Hotmail - but they migrated me to Outlook, and yes yes I can attest using Outlook web mail is shite.

It looses mails, it can't deliver on time, lots of time it sits with the marquee progress whizzes dots at the top of the page but never completes the operation.

The completion of names in the address box is rubbish, and the lack of a definition between subject and mail body in the editor portion if inexcusable.

But, I've been using my msn address so long (over 14 years) its sort of stuck to me, migrating away to another of my mail addresses is going to take a LONG time, I may alter things slowly, but in essence the change to Outlook is utterly shite.

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