Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Check your English

I've spent a serious amount of my morning explaining to people that my software was working fine, and there was in fact a hardware error.  All to no avail, as it seems the first report of the problems was worded badly and not in my favour.

"We were having the problem with the XXXX not working on Xelous's Test App.

This morning I turned off the power, re-seated the board and they’re now working."

So, with my software unchanged, they played about with the hardware and voila it magically works... This is not a software problem, but its worded just enough as to inflect that there was a problem with it "not working" in my application.

Now, you can take a look at the time of my blog post last night/this morning and see I was working on this all night and fixed it... So to see this report this morning annoys the shit out of me, no-one else was working at gone 1am, no-one else gave a shit, but suddenly they're all experts and pontificating about the problems "in the code"... It was a fucking hardware problem!

Hating it today, proper hating it.

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