Monday, 11 March 2013

Deathly Music Mash

I think my random playlist of stuff on my iPod just found a paradox of the soul….

It played “Hurt” from Johnny Cash… and then is playing… Waltz No 2 from the Jazz Suite No 2 by Shostakovitch….

Anyway, these two songs… They sort of melded on my brain and I have this image of classic 17th Century people dancing in a grand ball, whirling around and around and slowly their flesh peels away, they’re all dead, they have been dead many decades their dances are over, their lives snuffed out by the press of time…. As so shall we all be.

It’s a weird powerful thought.

Planted by Cash and watered by Shostakovitch.

And yes, I know that the Waltz was written in the 20th Century, but my mind does tend to wonder all of its own accord.

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