Friday, 1 February 2013

Lorries and Compilers

Skat is a slag word for shit, and I bet that's just the word the drive used, in Polish or English... lol

In better news, our major project at work shipped, well my three portions of it did... The other guy, whom I've inadvertently mentioned was not doing his stuff, and not delivering much, and not being chased up about it... Is AWOL right now, with his portion of the project also AWOL... I'm glad its not me.

In other news I'm signed up to an online course in Compiler Design... I covered Compiler design very briefly in four lab sessions at university, where laughably the professor handed out a pre-printed stack of C code to each group of 2-3 people and said... "Find the Bug in that"... That was out introduction to compiler code, and that was all we did... Pretty poor, but my degree was conducted in the glory of the rising dot COM boom, everyone assumed (except me, who missed proper programming on the course) that web programming, databases and scripting would be the way.  We were one of the first courses to take to Java in the UK... Java 1.0 actually released whilst we were in our second year, but we'd used it before hand as a beta on the Sun machines in the lab.

Anyhow, long and the short of it, never had much of a grounding in compiler design, have had an interest in it all along, and touched on code generation from instructions in my CPU examples last year.  So, now I'm going to go back formally.

We'll be studying the "COOL" language, and producing an assembler for the MIPS CPU architecture .. I may end up porting this to my own CPU too, so watch this space.

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