Thursday, 14 February 2013

Been Ill

Sorry there have been no posts in order this week, I've been rather ill.

However, I'm back at my desk today on wards and I have a couple of projects brewing which might make for useful things for people wishing to spy on the kids and keep them safe whilst they browse the interwebs... So watch this space.

But other than that, I have just been settin gup a new google account for a customer so they can use it to receive mail directed from their website, this is all trivial stuff, but for some reason they'd rather pay me to do it for me... hey ho...

But I noted, the advert google had stuck into the inbox for me...

Why the hell have they decided that is a legitimate thing to do, call some random person to fix Outlook, and also why is there an advert like that, for Outlook, on google mail?... Pointless.

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