Wednesday, 23 January 2013

YouTube Irritations

I've come to the conclusion that managing and working out what your comments and commentary gets replied as on YouTube is a nightmare.

Google have recently changed the whole YouTube experience to be more Google+, rather than its own stand alone service, and I for one, don't like it... There are a fair few obvious things missing from the mix...

1. When you comment, and someone replies, it comes into your "inbox" that you have a reply, and it shows their comment regarding your input, or trolling... But you can't see your original comment, sometimes the replies you get are months after you made the comment, and when you comment a lot its hard, if not impossible to track back what you actually posted originally to garner the attention of this reply.

2. You can't get to your inbox easily, you used to be able to just click on account and go into Inbox, but right now you can't.  I refuse to sign into Google+ and it bitches at me for not doing as they want me to.. But you have a right faffing job to get into your Inbox.

3. You can then track a comment as "Linked Comment" if you follow it back from your channel listing, so you hit your account, top right, go into "My Channel" and there you can click on the comments you've made and hence get back to the comments you wanted to read as the API actually puts them up as "Linked Comments" specially bringing them into view...

So here, from "my channel" you can see the posts and go back to see what the comment refers to, but not from your Inbox.. Gah.

All in All, for such a popular service I think YouTube needs a little loving its awkward with this attempt at them linking it into Google+.

I also have an irritation with blogger, when you paste in from NotePad a wall of text, it adds a <BR/> on the first line, leaving a gap at the top of posts, a gap which was not there in the compose window, you have to go into the HTML window to remove that... annoying... Everything is annoying today.


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