Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Annoying Google Banner

I've just opened google for the first time this morning, and noted that their title has changed.  Its a small game you can click on and get a chance to clean the ice on the rink as little girls and boys skate around on it... I get its a little game.

What I don't get is why its on the google home page, usually when they do something like this it makes sense, its a reference to some historical event or anniversary... This one seems to be celebrating, with no explanation, the fact that its cold outside and we've had a bit of snow.

And you know what, I think I know where it came from.  I just got through re-reading "I'm Feeling Lucky" one of the few candid retrospectives about the internal workings and history of Google.  And the author, one Doug Edwards, goes into pains to explain just this kind of thing going on... Random changes to the branded headed title page... He was frustrated by it... Today, so am I.

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