Saturday, 12 January 2013

Asus P6X58D-E Failed

I've checked my machine out now, and I've come to the conclusion that all the peripherals in this machine work fine else where its down to the Motherboard.

The machine will boot, one time in one hundred, so the CPU is working it lets me boot into a live Linux CD and even boot Vista, if it boots, and its during these other ninety nine attempts to boot that the problems come along.

The problem is this, turn the power on, hit the power button (on the motherboard or on the case) and the PSU will spring to life the CPU Cooler and the Graphics card fan, all these fans spin at maximum speed, and that's it...

No BIOS, no POST, nothing... Even with a speaker attached, nothing, no beeps, nothing.

Now, this usually indicates a dead PSU, but I've tried the it in another of my machines, and its fine!

Even if I remove all the RAM, which is meant to give long beeps in sequence, the motherboard doesn't squeek, nothing, it just sits there and blank black max fan time.

The problem I have now is I need to get service on it, this thing cost me £143 on December 2010.  That's two years one month.  It gets from Asus a 3 years warranty, so I should be covered, Asus however have told me to get hold of the retailer, the retailer have yet to reply - I bet they want me to use their 60p a second help line and sit on hold for an hour.

The rub though is, even if they do try to help, or I get an RMA... my CPU is a socket 1366, its not going to just randomly fit another motherboard and 1366 boards are getting very rare on the market (for reasons which I've had no interest in, but am now trying to fathom out).  I have literally just sent missives to the retailer for assistance, I can at least prove my warranty started on the 11th November 2010, and hence is within the mandated 3 years by Asus.

And there's another problem, Asus state a 3 year warranty, but they say to contact the retailer about it?

I'll let you know how I get along.

Galant Ikea Desk
The other battle I'm fighting is about my desk, I lowered my desk last night, but one of the legs felt dead loose, you can unscrew the legs and they let you telescope them in and out, well one of them just feels all floppy and will not tighten back up.

I'm a little worried about this, but tomorrow sometime I hope to get all the crap off of the desk and to put all the legs right and level.

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