Thursday, 27 December 2012

Guinea Pig

Our last guinea pig just passed away, she was a lovely one, she loved being picked up and fussed, she'd chirp and sing when stroked on her neck, and would come when called with a noise I make through my teeth like a whistle but with no whi...

On Christmas Day she was proud as punch to get the sprout peelings, one of her favourite treats, and she had new hay and feed too which she tucked into.  On boxing day she had some chopped lettuce as an extra treat giving squeaks of delight and carrying pieces of lettuce around happily.

But when we got in from out evening walk with the dogs I went to check her and she was acting strangely, it seemed she had had a stroke.  One side very limp and she seemed confused, brought her in and she had a cuddle and we decided she'd come in, so I sorted her inside cage out, lined it got her blanket and things as well as a new hollowed box, but she didn't seem to want to stay in the box and struggled out into the hay, rolling and lolling.

Over the evening she got worse and by midnight she was not walking, she had a cuddle with me, and even though her breathing was laboured she chirped and tried to sing as a fussed her.

She passed away between 1 and 2 this morning.  And I'm not too proud to say I'm gutted, she was lovely.

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