Saturday, 8 December 2012

Annoying People

I've run into a bunch of annoying people today... Here's a few of the examples...

1. I bought a car in 2002, it is now 2012 - someone argued with me that I had not had the car 10 years... In short, they can't count.

2. This car has a catalytic converter which comes out of the front of the engine manifold, so this catalytic converter is CLOSE to the engine, under the bonnet, then the exhaust system sits below all that... Someone argued with me... and I quote... "You can't possibly be right saying that".  Their reason for knowing I was wrong and they were right... They cut hair for a living and have never owned a car of the same type as mine... Where as I know where the cat is because I've looked at the exhaust system I can install on a parts database, I've consulted an exhaust specialist supplier.. AND I HAVE FUCKING LOOKED AT THE ASSEMBLY AFTER JACKING THE CAR UP!... In short... they're a tosser, a know it all tosser, but they cut hair for a living so they are actually just living up to a stereotype there.

3. I have been to a company where the person in charge would not talk to their customer, they would only talk to their customers through two other members of staff, making all interactions with them a primitive form of Chinese whispers.  Their reasoning... They don't like their customers to know who they actually are... DODGY... but stupid, because they're a registered company director, you can google and get their fucking name off of the internet, not to mention their postal address and all their age and the list of other companies they run... in short, a tosser.

4. I've had a discussion with a person in a shop, where I was looking at a sofa to buy, where the person asked me... "Are you comfortable"... sitting on the sofa... in an Ironic tone... I exchanged the standard "are you serious look" and then stood up, and he walked off... clearly reinforcing his... "get up you're just sitting on our sofa's we're trying to sell".... YES YOU WANKER, YOU MIGHT JUST HAVE SOLD ONE TO ME!... In short... A fuck wit.

5. My own mother... I phoned up and asked to speak to my Dad, as his mobile was off... AND SHE ASKED ME TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, SO AS NOT TO DISTURB HIM... I was like... "What is he off to do open heart surgery?"... "Are you driving a long distance?".... no No NO... he was off to see SANTA.... In short, annoying.

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