Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yorkshire Miners vs Working Miners

I just read this... a wailing lament of his times past, seems to be the guy is a right twisted shit, educated, trained, employed on and off, he gives no indication as to why he looses a job as a social worker, simply blaming Margaret Thatcher... He then blames her for his choosing, opting, to go drink, drug and defecate for a decade... Blaming others for himself.

Then this whole shit about Yorkshire miners... I mean he even says "They avoided working on a Monday and a Friday"... yeah, they did... But you ask a Nottinghamshire miner and they worked them... Nottinghamshire had a bigger coal workforce and coal field than Yorkshire, yet they always go on like they were the bigger bunch.

And as for him standing on picket lines... He was not even employed as a miner... No wonder the fucking Yorkshire and Lancashire mining union reps could bring flying pickets down to the Nottinghamshire pits to try and close them.

I fucking hate that article, the guy is trying to come off as some kind of working class hero, and comes off as ungrateful scum to me.

I bet someone at the BBC thinks he's a good writer, or depicting things "likes they were in t'olden days", but... The guy is basically trying to hide a life he's wasted and only turned around later.... I mean saying he went on strike because there was a Conservative government, I've never heard such bullshit outside an IT planning meeting.

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