Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sat Here Thinking...

This is one of those nights where I could have done with about fifteen more hours of darkness in front of the computer before I got as tired as I am now, the reason being, I'm in the zone, I've been coding, and documenting some parts of a system which I've been eager to get going on for days and tonight was the night I got cracking on it.

This is after having my planned day "in the office" ruined by a few things... The first problem was the wife has been quite ill, she had to have the day off of work, and she seems unable to realise for my kind of work, I need to be left alone for more than 48 minutes at a time.

The next problem was that she was really really ill and I had to take her to an opticians, where they sorted out the problem with her eyes and cost us a combined £178 odd on new glasses with some special coatings. This, cost all day.

We then insisted on having our evening romancing in front of the TV, which though fun resulted in sweet FA on the work front.

I came up here to the machines around eleven, and I've been plugging away at this problem for a solid hour and a half, getting a lot of the little ideas which have been percolating through my brain all day down as code and working... AND documented, which is a really time consuming challenge as anyone working in software can attest.

But, now I'm beyond that concentration point for coding, it is a whole new day for the time space continuum, but for myself its still the same old yesterday elongated beyond recognition.

Aaaaanyway, I'm watching the Pilot episode of "Last Resort", a few shite acting points the "Navy Seals" were pretty crap and obviously will figure into the plot later, the plot itself has holes, but its the most decent US drama I've seen since Battlestar.  Its not as as fantastic as Battlestar, but its decent.

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