Wednesday, 31 October 2012

US Storm Reports

A storm hit the US... I get this, its big news, a mega huge storm... But I've also noticed a trend in the pictures.  They're pictures of the weather, or waves, or the mess caused, they're not pictures of people actually getting on with the task of cleaning up.

I don't doubt there are people cleaning up, and good on them!  But then the Earth Quake hit japan I was struck by the sight of people reported to be cleaning up, searching the rubble or helping others.

So far the only people I've seen reported helping others in this US drama are those paid to do so, the emergency services and their National Guard.

It very much feels as if its being reported back to myself, via the BBC, Fox and CNN as a woe-be-them for their miss fortune, and "let some other schmuck clean it up", not more of the rolled up sleeves lets get to this people one would expect.

Especially from New Yorkers, One always gets a vibe of Help and Share & Share alike... but the pictures so far are of the mess, or even other douch√© bags taking pictures of the mess... Don't take a picture people, put them iPhones away!  Take a shovel and a broom!

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