Monday, 8 October 2012

No Java IDE for Me

I have been trying to get myself an IDE for Java, I'm not a huge java programmer, I loved java upon its initial release, it was such an easy programming language to get to grips with, compared to the then very frustrating Occam I was working on in my systems operations course work.  But, since then I've not used it commercially, only used it very sparingly personally, and as such have left it alone...

Yet now I have a yearning, for a language which can furnish me with write once, run anywhere code... The reason being, I need to build some tools which I know can safely run the same on Windows, Linux and OSX... Java therefore seems the obvious and easiest to access language.

The trouble I have is the IDE to use... I've looked at Eclipse, and hate it, not least because it code completes and refactors in the K&R style, and I hate the K&R Style, I prefer and defer to the Allman (or ANSI) style... So loading Eclipse and seeing I have to change all the refactoring masks and style settings, and do this on three different platforms - because I can't do it once and then export them for use on other machines, depresses me...

I've uninstalled Eclipse, I'd rather use a text editor and command line compile the java than fuck about with K&R style, that's how much I detest its obfuscative approach.

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