Thursday, 25 October 2012

Jessica Frech

Good morning folks out there, I hope you all took to my experiment with crisps from my last post... I come to you again with a new experiment I've been carrying out, I've literally just (like 2 minutes ago) purchased my first ever digital song as an MP3 via Amazon.

"OMGZ Xel welcome to the new century" I hear you all cry... but wait wait... There is a reason why I've been so shy buying digital content, that's because back in the mid naughties when this digital download stuff was all new and fan-dangled I had a bad experience buying a series of South Park... and... well I never actually got to see the series, it was a right hash up... So I've waited... I've waited until I've found something good...

And, you know what I think I found it in the rather pleasing shape of Jessica Frech... She's all over YouTube, check her out, I've known of her work a long time being one of the first few thousand to watch her multi-million time viewed Walmart (that's Asda to us folks here in Britain - Jess do a British version!) song... Any-hew, she apparently did some TV commercials in the US last Christmas, so I'm sure we'll see them over here this crimbo.

But she has a new Album out "Reality", the headline song from which is why I'm here raving... I love it... And you know what, I don't know why... My musical taste is so varied, from Metallica to Mozart, from Gogol Bordello to Garage Head and pretty much everything in between... So seeing this Happy Smiling southern (I think) American lass delight my music buds is not really a surprise but a new string to my musical bow.

You can watch her Video for the song, and hence hear the song, at YouTube:

But the song itself, its less than a quid.. 89p actually... so I just bought it... and listened to it twice :)

That is all great... So I've made a digital purchase, Jess took my fear of the digital purchase away... Or did she?

For you see, I can't actually get my hands on the MP3 file, Amazon have this MP3 Downloader, but its for Windows or OSX only, I'm running Ubuntu... Grrr... Which means I can't download it until I crack out my virtual machines tomorrow... Amazon, this is very annoying.

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  1. Ahahahaa... I can download it... In Ubuntu, just not with their dedicated download app... Go into the "Amazon Cloud Player", then select the song, and to the top left is download... voila... it downloads.