Monday, 1 October 2012

DayZ and Mining

I played a lot of DayZ this weekend, a couple of the adventures warrant a decent story being told about them, but for now shouts go out to "FlashWard" - a life taker and a heart breaker - whom I met on Lingor, yo buddy.  And to the crew I met in Cherno... Rogan, Josh & Haw... I'm going to call this the curry gang... cus we were a bit of a Mix... and "Rogan Josh" is my favourite curry...

The other things I've done this weekend, is scratch a serious itch and take a look at minecraft, I've avoided it before, because... well it looked like a retrograde piece of trash for kids... Turns out... Its not that bad.

Some of the game-play is pretty clunky, there's a few bugs in there (like keybaord input getting stuck in repeat mode)... But there is an adventure game, there is the resource collection, construction and all important mining game in there... And you know what, as a pure gameplay experience, its not bad... It is infact, quite good... I has in fact got me thinking what wierd and wonderful things I might do next...

Last night for example, I spend sometime learning the secrets of crearting glass, and set about portioning off and draining an area of sea-floor, so that after about two hours I had a good football field area cordened off with glass walls and was clearing the water sand ane gravel out of the inside, like some perverse inverse fish bowl... And later on, I started an even bigger area, around an isle off shore, starting by potting the tree's there in giant 10 meter glass pots and then digging out all around them to form a hollow isle.

In short, I've been strip mining like crazy, and enjoying it... More later.

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