Sunday, 2 September 2012

Connection or Not...

I'm a little bit surprised that there's suddenly a post from the DayZ team, from Rocket himself, regarding where the mod is going.  Especially since there was nothing said in so long... Its nice to see a post, but the reason for it... I'm not so sure.

The post itself says nothing new... "The patch will be released when its ready"... yadda yadda.  Its not addressed any of the other posts save to blanket them all with the statement "I've been watching and reading and collating your posts".

Yet the only officially released information about the future of the game is about adding dogs... Before they add dogs, they could do with fixing the inventory, the reliability of disappearing guns, the problem of texture popping.... I know most of my problems, with the game, are probably problems with the engine used.  But the guys behind the mod now do work for Bohemia, so they have access to the code all their releases so far have been server side code, they may have also fed fixes or updates into the AO2 beta executable, but they've not officially admitted this...

And, they suddenly post this non-post.  Why?

Well, I actually sent a missive to the team, firstly offering my help, being a veteran forum jockey and modder myself.  And second saying "please post"... I do wonder whether my message met the right ears... Certainly if they simply googled the information I posted they'd know who I am, and that I'm not full of shit when I offer help for the reasons I gave, so I do wonder whether my message garnered a response.

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