Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ding Dong the Dog is Gone... Briefly...

I'm going post it here... The numpty at number 9, has made an effort to contain the dog... He, according to others; I was at work; spent a lot of time yesterday banging and hammering, when I came home and went to check our guinea pig I saw he'd put up a limp sagging set of camouflage netting.  Very fetching addition to the garden, I did think this was a bit pointless because, yes the dog does jump up and out and over, but its prefered method of escape is by pushing the wire aside and just legging it...

We've all seen the great escape, they send Steve McQueen and Angus Lennie over the top of the wire as a distraction for weeks on end, whilst really they're going under.  This is what the dog is doing, a clear warning we should all be wary what we let our dogs watch on tele, it's clearly only giving them ideas.

Anyway, the dog is gone, how do I know?... I just saw a couple, a new couple... "Enter player four stage left"... whom have found the dog to be straying, have they called the dog warden?  Have they just left it? Nope, they've done what I did and tried to bring it back.

I've stayed well out of this one, I don't even know this couple, I did notice them however as they tried to bring the dog down my side alley and through my back garden, rather than walk all the way around... Cheeky of them, not least because I have my door open and my dogs free to walk in and out, and I'd not like them to meet this dog from number 9, its vicious with cats and two of my dogs are about cat sized... Luckily I've locked all my gates, so problem averted.

But it is getting on my wick now that I have to conform, my wife and I have to watch everything I do, going out, coming back, gate security, door security and dogs uniformly out and straight into the car, rather than this one numpty get his act together.  And what's more galling, his dog is the one at fault, he is the one at fault, and yet others; primarily us; are being affected.

He's made thick friends with the scum already living in the area, the gobshite old bat across the road, and the new scum renting down the way and gobbing off.  There are also always a stream of people coming to the front door of a Saturday morning, knocking waiting and then pacing up and down on their mobiles waiting for him, but he's gone out of a Saturday morning.  The guy has no car, so he's like out and about of his own two feet and buses I think... But the behaviour is very odd.

Now, my wife's ill today, she's really hurt herself and is not a happy bunny as she was meant to be at work and she's had to call in sick.  I've got to go out and sort a bunch of legal stuff out for us without her and without knowing she's safe... Do the police care?... Right now no...

The local Policing Pledge point 4 states, "Respond to every message directly... within 24 hours" I send them an e-mail last week, heard nothing, and I've sent an e-mail today, lets see what I get back, if nothing I'll be phoning them up.


  1. Think he's just got it back... so it was out from approx 10am, with these people, until just about now 12 noon.

  2. The knob's been hammering and hammering all day, there's now yet more fetching netting and stuff laced over the dog's kennel... If only he used his loaf, went out bought some 6 foot by 4 foot panels and slid them into the current 4 foot by 4 foot panel's places in his fence... the knob don't seem to realise these panels just lift in and out... DoH.