Monday, 23 July 2012


Why do people not phone me (I have a phone folks which tells me I have missed calls, it in fact logs all my calls in and out) and then say "I've tried to get you, but it just rang and ran".... No it didn't, you have not tried to get me at all, you've waited for me to call you you shady sod.

Why do people post videos on YouTube, of what might be interesting material,' I mean, look around people, look at how the BBC or Sky, how interviewers present information in the form of the spoken word and emulate them!.... Don't just sit and drivel on... Also... Don't... please don't just put yourself as the focus of the camera... If you're on YouTube talking about code, then for christ sake put some code up, don't let us see your pimply stub nosed shit eating grins.

Why do people not look at road signs?... I mean, they're up there for a reason, telling  you to merge from the right, or give way to the left, or that cows are crossing... all very useful information... Not to mention, lanes have arrows in them saying where they go, if you are at an island going right and there are two lanes going right... think "Hey directly after this island I need to take a left"... and get into the left most of the right flowing lanes... don't be right, go right and then cut everyone up going left and look at the other people like they're morons, you're the moron!

Why do people not accept factual presentations from me?... Now, I don't know what it is, but I can be stood holding up a white piece of paper and declaring "This is white"... and my audience will stroll off... Yet someone I'm sat looking at right now can just say "This white paper, see it.... its fucking blue dude"... and they go... "Oh yes, blue blue blue..."...

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