Thursday, 5 July 2012

LIb STD C++ 6 Bug

My post of late last night is actually pointing the finger of blame for that fault at MinGW, my reason for pointing my beady little finger in that direction is that the DLL given, causing the crash came from their repository.
But, in true computing style they don't handle bugs in that code, it is actually a third party product from GNU, libstdc++.
Taking a look at that site and I can't for the life of me see where to report this problem, as I point out on the bug I've posted on the MinGW tracker it might be an OS API bug, or it maybe something in MinGW, or even just something in this library... But I can't be sure, without that is, delving into the GNU code - not something I'd relish
Anyway, right now I'm looking for some bug list, mailing list, or tracker for the GNU libstdc++, before I go and start to pull my hair out.

The worst thing about this is that GNU is an open source project, it produces some great work, but unless you can work through the pages of dross which surround it, the cloud of obfuscating crap that, in my opinion, follows most all open source projects, without crawling past all that crap you can't easily contribute feedback like this bug.
I'm no rookie programmer, so it would be lovely to go look at this bug for them, but I can't easily do that.

I've gotten the e-mail address of the maintainer for the "Active Issues" list regarding the library over at GNU, I got this from the top of their documentation about the library.
But once again, I can't be sure this poor person wants to know this trivial snippet of information, they'd certainly go mental getting dozens of mails a day from such a source of none-sense... But, I'm still unable to decipher where to send bug reports for the library :(

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