Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I hate to bring things on this Jubilee weekend down in tone, but I have an announcement... I have the squits, or as a medical journal; sat open not far from me; states "hyper-defecation".

Apparently this is not diarrhoea, just more regular movements.  The reason for this maybe that I've had gummy sweets, cream cakes, cola, kebab, chocolate and biscuits for the main part of my diet for the last four days.  Or it could be that I got a real bad chill (yes a chill; in June) on my kidneys today... Or it could be that the roast potato's I was served with dinner last night were no where roast enough, still being icy in the middle...

Whatever the cause though, I'm feeling weak, and very sorry for myself.  The net result of which however has been a lot of time reading on the loo, reading on the loo is a great pass-time for many men.  Its the place for example that I make most use of my Linux Format subscription, and by use I exclude wiping with it.

Anyway, to bring the mood back up to a higher brow conversation level, I got a new C++ book winging its way to me in the post.

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