Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Change for Changes Sake

On the project I'm working on in the office at the moment, there has been an established way of working for years (yes years folks).

Today however, it seems, without consultation, discussion, design or forethought of any kind that way of working has been dumped by the boss.

There's no rhym or reason for this, indeed the changes make for two major security and one major runtime problem with the software at hand.

This shows up to me as purely change for changes sake, not least because the changes are not documented, they've not been discussed, one person whom if they were not in charge would be told to STOP, has taken it upon them self to do this, and there's no appreciable gain.

Its all rather galling, not least because the system could do with a complete shake down, known, prominant bugs fixed, rather than this exercise in pulling the rug from under us all.

So I warn you all now, avoid change for changes sake in your code, plan a change, plan a code review, wash bugs out first... Bug removal, even niggles or typo's, should take prescedence over changing the whole way of working.

And remember, assumption is the mother of all screw ups, when you change a project don't assume anything, check, check again and then check once more before you even tempt yourself into showing someone what you're doing, else like me to my boss, they'll be saying to you "This does not work".

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