Monday, 16 April 2012

Irish Stout Bullies

I have an Irish Stout irritation, now I've travelled, I've seen how the Irish, the Welsh, the Scottish and the British bar staff of several hundred different drinking establishments pour an irish stout... I've watched TV adverts, and I've seen posters...

And you know what I've noticed... No matter how, or in front of whom, you have a pint poured if there's a person of Irish origin, descent or ancestry with you at that moment they'll say....

"Oh, god look at the state of your (insert brand name here)"

This is not only irritating, but this pint, will I guarentee, looks exactly like the hundreds of previous pints of said libation which you have enjoyed without this input by your co-drinker.

I don't know if there's some rule, some law, calling down the genome to the Irish blood to make their mouth insist on saying this utter pish statement or what, but they say it...

I've got a standard English reply for them, as they're about to moan about the state of your pint, pick it up and as you are about to touch cold glass to lips whisper "Cock" and carry on to take a big swig.  Settled or not!  That really riles them.

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