Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Aluminium Foil on my Sandwiches Please....

I've come to the conclusion that to get the perfect, home made, sandwich to stay perfect at my work (with its downdy used & reused air, poor temperature control and slight odour du used training shoe) that I need to wrap it in two layers of aluminium foil...

Not the soundest ecological proposal I admit, I may even start trying to save the foil to use it day after day, but after using sandwich bags, clingfilm, paper bags, a plastic box and buying one from the local shop I think that the home made sarnie is king if wrapped right.

The plastics all left the food with an after taste, the paper bag was too fragile in my bag with alsorts in it, and the clingfilm.... well, not only did it leave a taste on the food, but I've noticed that clingfilm today smells horrible - as a kid it used to be pretty inert stuff but modern clingfilm stinks really badly.

The aluminium foil however keeps the sandwhich in shape, supports it structurally and chills the sandwhich more effectively than plastics... That's my two penneth for the day.

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