Sunday, 24 July 2011

Stripping Victorian Plaster

So, I've spent a very very un-technological weekend, actually the second in a row... We've been stripping the house out for a complete redecoration... this might sound dramatic, but we're going back to the bare brick... and this house was built when Queen Victoria still had 20 years left to live.

I've dug out the hearth, three layers deep, took off fake pine wooden beams someone added in a weird Union Flag motif, I've stripped layers of artex, modern plaster, plaster from the 1960's and then right back to lime plaster of the late 1800's.

Add to that door frames which were growing when America was only 100 years old... Soot & coal dust fragments its been a nightmare.

For some unknown reason the people who lived here over the ages have liked wall paper with vertical wood grain pattern, green velour wall paper, more vertical wood patterns, plain plaster, painted yellow, then painted green, finally the wood beams and betwixt these they stuck a ton of plaster into which they swirled their fingers... And they added fake points to all the doors... gah.  Terrible.

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