Friday, 8 July 2011

Chrome Tabs Not Browsing

So, I'm having a few recurrant problems with Chrome.  After browsing for a while (and there seems to be no set pattern to this) suddenly I'll right click and "open in new tab" a link, but it'll come up as a blank new tab.  No actual HTTP retrieval seems to go off.

I've had this before and resorted to removing Chrome from my machine and reinstalling it, however, it seems to be getting more and more frequent, and alarmingly so.  Its happens on two different Vista machines, a Kubuntu virtual machine (running in VMWare Player) and on a Ubuntu machine.

All were running stock download and installs of Chrome from Google, there were no plug-ins - except maybe flash - but I was not using video at the time.  And suddenly I can open no links in new tabs... we're not even talking a lot of tabs, just one or two and kaput no more browsing.

The weird thing is though that in any tab already open, showing a page/content, I can still left click to move into and out of hyper links to new pages, and they still load.

I've  had this problem whilst typing into, yahoo mail, msn, this very blogger site (which is a google site underneith) and also whilst using amazon, play and the BBC.  There really is no pattern to when it goes, but once its gone I have to close all open instances of Chrome, all of them, even pages supposedly on other pages in other copies... and I have to open a whole new fresh copy of the browser.

The version of Chrome I've experienced this in is

Ironically, I've just tried to report this bug through the Chromium project site... and not been able to.... so I'm going to file it with a fresh install of Firefox in a moment.

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