Saturday, 18 June 2011

Online Spelling....

I'm aware of their being a very varied, and a very international, bunch of folks on the internet... but I'm worried about us, about all of us out here on the interwebs... our spelling.  Sometimes the speaker/writer has been of a foreign (to myself a native English speaker) so I have forgiven them, as they should forgive our trespasses against them.  Examples have been extracted from sources such as YouTube posts, Forum posts and e-mail archive lists.  They have also all been used more than once, they are therefore judged not to be typing mistakes but are literal intentional uses of the given word.  Please also bare, or indeed bear, in mind all the following examples are by people who are above 16 years of age, are of at least average intelligence and whom are all native English speakers.

Epersods... Episodes.  (This one was pointed out to me by someone looking for an old TV show on YouTube).

Kayos... Chaos.  (Gah, this comes up so often).

Obergene... Aubergine. (This guy was complaining about Tesco not having any in stock... I don't blame Tesco for this one).

Segway... Segue.  (No he wasn't talking about this giro-stabilized scooter).

Inglond.... England.  (He could have said UK, but then maybe that'd end up as US... but then, we are already the 53rd State).

Intergestion.... Indigestion.  (He must not work for Gaviscon).

Farter... Father.  (This chap clearly was trying to make a different point than he did with 'my farter used to make me breakfast every morning').

Amareican.... American.   (This chap listed his world location as Chicago, and used the spelling no fewer than thirteen times in his forum post).

Disclaimer: No Dictionaries were hurt in the production of this post.

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