Saturday, 16 April 2011

Experts Exchange

I joined Experts Exchange in 2002... at a time when I was between contracts and bored... and I answered a few questions at the time... I thought nothing of it, recently though I've noticed google is showing Experts Exchange search results up in a lot of its indices.

So I went back into that site to see what the game was.  And I got instantly pissed off... because you have to pay for answers.  They used to be free.  But you can earn free premium services by getting 5000 something points... I was already well over half way there... If I answered 8 more questions (ish) I'd get free access.

So I set about helping people in C#, Web and Linux areas...

And you know what... what fucking morons there are there... one guy I gave him not only an answer, but a program to do the job... you drag drop and then click this program... and his comment back "That's too technical for my boss to use"... WHAT?  What is this boss doing?  If he can't use my program he certainly can't use the application the guy was telling me he wanted moving about... jesus fucking christ how low can you go?

Another was a guy wanting to save all attributes from a class... I show him how, I give him a link and a code example to a library doing it... and he flat ignores it... it's just like everyone posting in the C# section has ADHD, with emphasis on AD.


I'm going to quit that site, I hate it.

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