Saturday, 19 March 2011

Borland Turbo C++ Lite

So I was rummaging through some old diskettes... you know those plastic things about three and a half inches across, you remember them right?  Yeah, you got some in that box in the attic with a VHS tape and King Tut's Burial Mask...

Anyway, I found some of those, so I borrowed a USB floppy drive from work and guess what I found on the first one I put?

A real blast from the past:

Anyway, as I know Borland have released Turbo C++ into the public domain (but no-one can download the damn thing) and because this is a version distributed through a cover disk for promotional purposes here's a link to Turbo C++ for DOS as a download.

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  1. Please tell me how to install C++ in windows 95.I cannot find it anywhere