Friday, 11 March 2011

£22.19 for a brand new Samsung CLP-320

Don't worry, this isn't an advert... just worry, this is a bit of bragging.... I just ordered a brand new Samsung CLP-320 Colour Laser Printer...

And it only cost me £22.19.

How did I do this?  Well, I've actually been clearing a load of the shit out of my house and selling it on eBay and building up a little bit of cash in PayPal... And then I've only had to pay the difference of the original price from my PayPal balance.

I actually sold off a lot of my drumming books £30 of them, plus a £10 DVD just today to fund this little jitty... But, I've been wanting to be able to print a decent quality of document for ages...

And when something bugs me, oh boy does it bug me.

I've priced this thing up, read all the reviews, from the honest to the silly to the adoring ones... I event went to visit one in PCWorld today to see what it looks like and feels like and to open all the doors and twist all the knobs and slide all the slide-able bits.

All I need do now is clear up my desk and move my big PC back under the desk (it's been on top since I fitted my new "quieter fans")

As you can see there's a lot going on... 

Speaking of those fans, at some point over the next two days I'll get around to putting up my information and review.

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