Monday, 22 November 2010

The Chore of No Game

So, I've recently been wrestling with a new PC build... well, not so much wrestling as oiling up and pressing myself against its sheer sexual energy.

But the failure of my old rig really cut into my regular play time, so much so, that the dreaded lady of the house seems to think that I should always have a lot of time to watch X-Factor and the like with her on a Saturday night... Oh Lord above save me!

But I have actually managed to get two games installed now, first off Eve, which I have all three accounts training on thanks to 5 free days on each from CCP... I'm not re-subbing to Eve just yet, with so much expenditure recently I can't justify it.

Likewise, I've not looked at any of the F2P MMO's (D&D, LOTRO or RoM) which I was playing previously, mainly because I will have to wait for vast amounts of data to download in order to get into them...

But I have put CIV5 back on the machine, thanks to Steam and the superior bandwidth Valve get it was a breeze.  And over the weekend I enjoyed a decent random game as the French, when I busily wiped the smug Samurai smile off of Japan's face.

Another thing I have been up to though is selling off lots of my old PC parts on the old auction sites.  I had hoped the CPU in my old Quad Core rig (its Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.6GHZ) would have survived the destruction wrought in my old rig dying, but it seems its not, dropping it into another Core2 Quad able mobo I have and it seems to be dead as a door nail... Hey ho, onwards and upwards with my eight thread true quad core and 12GB of RAM... Roar.

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