Saturday, 25 September 2010

On CIV 5

Well, to kick off my play time, I've been playing Civ5, and I'm impressed, I like Civ, and this is a lot like an improved version of Civ IV, which looked great but I didn't get along with, this one looks great and I get along with it.

It's not without faults however, there's bugs in trying to cancel the introductory movie playing, which is a pain in the bum.  There are strange, almost random, camera movements being carried out, which to my eye lead to feelings of nausia at times... game devs why do you want players to feel sick?

But the most strange thing to me, as a Civ Player is that you always used to struggle to get to the sailing tech, to colonise more and more of the world, my personal favourite Civ game I've ever had was in Civ2 where I had to mass and keep a huge navy of the classic destroyers and cruisers to keep an AI opponent at bay... and I think that Civ 5 leads to the potential for more of that great action, but also undermines it.  Yes, the feature to which I'm elluding is the new feature to let units instantly travel over water.  Before you had to mass up transport ships and protect them, this time... well you can just move a unit onto water and hey presto it crosses said water..

I'm yet to be swayed over by this, but so far I have only been playing small continental games, I am however about to start a giant archepelego marathon game... lets see where this takes me.

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