Saturday, 3 July 2010

Planetary Interaction in Eve

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well, the above image speaks of at least half a dozen... Interesting, Awkward, New, at-long-last... at the ones I'll pick out just now. I am of course talking about CCP's newly introduced planetary interaction in their venerable title Eve-Online.

As ever, with a something in Eve you have to train up some skills to carry out this task, they primarily involve skills to scan for resources on the planets, installing better command centers and linking planets together so they can cooperate in production tasks.

Now, I think it always important in Eve that whatever you are doing it have a purpose, the purpose of my Planetary production is to provide me with a large stash of POS fuels. Well, at least the stocks of POS fuels I used to have to buy off of the market. This is a major step in completing the supply chain cycles for POS, it at least explains where these fuels come from in the World that is New Eden.

It may not be very clear, but here is my first lot of processed Oxygen, from a Gas planet installation.

There are varying levels of possible materials which can be produced from your installations, many of which I don't have a clear explanation or understanding of. But, time will tell on that, I'll figure it out.

About the planetary interaction interface, I have to say it is unfortunately very awkward to work with, between constant messages telling me to wait x amount of seconds between actions, and the "routing" explanation is pretty poor. I managed at one point to route raw materials straight through the factory to the silo... with no explanation that the materials would not be processed on the way through.

It's very hard to explain why the interface is so awkward, it is just something you would have to experience yourself.

Awkwardness aside though, the interface is very pretty, and once set up, you can safely dock and managed your installations from afar. You only need visit them to pick up, or deliver, materials and goods.

This fire and forget approach to the planets, as well as the gorgeous (though sparse) graphics make for an enjoyable new feature, and as I emphasised above, it has a purpose. In fact I think it will have a major on going effect on the universe at large.

For now, I'm signing off, it's the daily down time and I need breakfast.

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