Sunday, 25 July 2010

Microsoft grab hold of ARM

So, I've just read this little ditty from the BBC, and others. And I find it interesting, but quite a worry.

If you own a mobile phone then you are pretty much guarentee'd to own an ARM chip, the history of which goes back into the dark, ignored, depths of the British Home Computing revolution in the late 70's and early 80's.

The ARM architecture actually evolved out of the chips used in the BBC/Acorn Computers most British School kids will remember from school.

I find it interesting Microsoft have finally logged into this technology, they've been toying, prodding, caressing the mobile market for years, with limited success. I myself have a mobile powered by Windows Mobile Software, and I'm affraid to say it is rubbish.

I've heard good things about Windows 7 Mobile, I've certainly myself seen excellent things with Windows 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 7. So, lets hope that licensing ARM points Microsoft in the direction to actually get to grips with what they do best, and that is making good robust operating environments for hardware for the masses.

Especially when Microsoft has always left hardware products as an after thought and they've never enjoyed great success with their Kin device.

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